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Photo Credit: E. Ashley Green of ArtbyAsh


Founder of Diva's Heart Publishing and Entertainment, Michelle Lynn Stephens, hails from Durham, North Carolina. She is a gifted writer, spoken word artist, occasional actress and songstress whose talents and triumphs resulted from a life of many hard trials.

Michelle's life took an unexpected turn when her parents' separation shook her world at the tender age of 5. Amid challenging circumstances, Michelle discovered solace in the pages of her first diary and embarked on a lifelong habit of journaling, a practice that allowed her to release her emotions and ultimately served as the inspiration for her debut novel, "The Divorcée Chronicles: Diary of a Divorcée Diva" and inspired her poetry, as well as the motivational journals and gifts she designs.

By the age of 19, her life was further complicated by chronic illness, which remained misdiagnosed for a staggering 13 years, leading to periods of unemployment and uncertainty. Nevertheless, she persevered, fueled by unwavering determination and a deep connection with her faith, ultimately emerging victorious over the trials and tribulations life had thrown her way.

Today, she often blends her talents together in her inspirational spoken word performances where she uses her testimony to encourage others to make comebacks out of the setbacks they have encountered in their lives. She is a champion of overcoming domestic violence, divorce, unemployment and chronic illness by faith and promotes healing through the arts. 


Michelle holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, attended the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program at Santa Ana College in California and is an honors graduate of the Paralegal Technology Program at Durham Technical Community College. She is a member of World Overcomers Christian Church.



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